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At Qplus, our hearts and minds are fixed on Empowering Lives. It is because of you that we are driven and inspired to do our best.

Help us help you - we've all heard of this slogan a thousand times before. But despite its presence in countless campaigns, the core of this principle still remain. We are definitely inspired and motivated to do our best when you share your thoughts and experiences with us! Help us help you by sharing with us your views about Qplus. Have you shared your thoughts lately? These people have:

For 17 years, my wife Raquel and I spent our energies climbing the top of the corporate ladder, but almost ruined our marriage and health. She saw the potential of network marketing after resigning from her last job. Ego-driven, I chose a difference path: retired early, went into four businesses that failed, with only mountains of debt and two foreclosed properties to show for it. I had gamble away - twice - the home I'd bought for my family. Can you imagine the pain of watching Raquel and our two young kids packing? We were on that emotional and financial rollercoaster for 22 years. Sometime last year, I decided: enough is enough, time to accept what Raquel has been telling me...and that this is the right business, and the best company. This business saved our family.
- Norberto Dapito

This business was introduced to my wife and I at the lowest point in out lives. We lost our business, dream house, vehicles, condos, almost all our properties. My 13-year-old eldest daughter, then 13 years old, was diagnosed with a very rare heart condition; the Lord took her home two months after. The following year (Typhoon) Ondoy hit our pet shop business. My wife and I were crushed, depressed. But we learned this business from a friend, so we took a look, I said I couldn't do it: I can't even talk to my friends and relatives, much less do Network Marketing. But my wife reminded me that this is the fulfillment of God's promise that He'll return what we lost tenfold. My daughter will not come back to us, but one day we will be reunited. And through Qplus, we believe our dreams of abundance here on earth will become real. Glory to God! - Eric Magtabog

In the course of finding means to provide for our family with 5 growing kids with growing needs, we learned that a network marketing business is a viable business model for financial success. We can truly say Qplus is an answered prayer for us. This company is a very strong and stable company, with leaders of world class leadership, excellent character and great integrity. - Tony & Marites Santillan

I was looking for an opportunity where I can both help my family financially, and achieve my dreams and goals. Qplus made all of these possible. When I joined Qplus, I expected a system that would make it easier for IRs to do business by providing quality tools that we can use when presenting to prospects. So far, my team and I are very satisfied with the company's support and products. I am looking forward to more exciting things to come from Qplus! - Bryan Aguilar

A doctor at the Vital Life Center sat down with me to explain the real state of my health. Frankly, I was shocked. But that was a turning point for me. The simple lifestyle changes I made really helped. Now I have more energy to go biking, swimming... - Mike Trinidad

The doctor explained my screening results very clearly. Unfortunately, my body's real age was 72 years old! So now I don't miss my follow-up consultations. I've followed the doctor's advice to become more active, take up biking, walking, things like that. - Malou Chong

People say I look younger than my real age...But what's important for me is how Vital Code helps my body from the inside. I think I have the busy schedule of a 30-year-old, and I feel like I have the energy to match it! - Rosemarie Glenn

The biggest effect of the Vitality Series on me was awareness...The great thing is, in the case of the Vital Life Center, I know I'm getting expert and credible advice from people who are really doctors. - Bryan Aguilar

It's like I have a whole team of "wellness partners" who help me make the changes, and stick with them! And that's good, because I want to keep enjoying life with my beautiful wife, see my daughters grow up and marry, and I want to go swimming with my future grandchildren! - Ferdie Tolentino

The Vital Life Center doctor told me I needed to do things like exercise every day. Janice and I recently took up jogging. I'm actually excited about my next scheduled visit because I know there have been great improvements in my health - Alvin Antiola

The doctor took time to explain and to share with me. I haven't experienced that kind of support, attention and patience anywhere else. - Janice Antiola



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